Lectures about the Great War

"Landscapes at war: the environmental legacy of the First World War.

A replay of the conflict through its traces in the contemporary landscape."


 This conference is given on request by Isabelle Masson-Loodts, master's degree in Archaeology and History of Art (ULg), freelance journalist and author of the blogs www.paysagesenbataille.be and www.landscapesatwar.eu

Lecture summary

What was the environmental impact of the First World War, the first industrial-scale conflict in history? While we are now commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Great War, and his last direct witnesses have disappeared, the survey "Landscapes at war" offers a rereading of the conflict in terms of nature. How trench fighters, who were mostly farmers, did perceive the conflict? How did the reconstruction and soil remediation go in the post-war? Did we inherited these upheavals? How is the nature relieved of his war wounds? This work is a sketch of a response from historical sources but also a wide survey, with support from the Fund for Journalism of the French Community, on the current field 700 kilometers of the former front line.

Duration of the lecture

The duration of the lecture and its contents can be adapted to the public (young or old, passionate history of the Great War or novice, etc), event and venue. The 50-minute size is most often requested, but the conference has already been presented in less than 7 minutes, or more than 2 hours. It is also possible to combine the conference with a field visit. Contact me to discuss your wishes!